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Weifang Medical University

School Introduction

Weifang Medical University (WMU), founded in 1951, is a state-owned medical university. It is located in Weifang the International Kite Capital - of central Shandong Peninsula.

WMU covers an area of more than 1.3 million square meters, with 650,000 square meters' construction area. Over the past decades, a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary pattern has been taken shape at WMU, which has offered a number of disciplines, inclusive of medical sciences, health management,general sciences, law, literature, etc., with the medical sciences as the leading discipline. WMU is authorized to grant Bachelor's and Master's degree and recruit overseas students. WMU is also authorized to recruit PhD candidates in collaboration with Shandong University, Southern Medical University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology.  

The university started to recruit overseas students from the year of 2003. It has now a successful history of international students' education. It has recruited more than 600 students and among them 218 had got MBBS degree by 2011. Now students from 16 different countries, such as India, Nepal, Pakistan, USA, Canada, Korea, Zambia, Djibouti, South Africa, and Ghana, are studying on campus.

International school in Weifang Medical University

Founded in April, 2003, International school in Weifang Medical University is an apartment for international communication and international students’ affairs management.

Its main work including: design foreign affairs, teaching and students management of Sino-foreign cooperative educative project; international educational exchange activities to establish and develop friendly relations with foreign universities and research institutes and take responsibility for contacts and communication with foreign universities and research institutes; responsible for hiring and day-to-day management of foreign experts; to handle staffs’ abroad procedures for public; declaration of study abroad for public; to receive temporary international visitors; to Charge for the affairs of foreign students’ enrollment, teaching organization and day-to-day management; to organize HSK examinations for foreigners.

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