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Whatssapp Wechat Facebook Job
Marketing Part Time Jobs offered

We are looking for someone who  can market our 3 site on:

Place 1: Both Whatsapp & Wechat

Place 2: Facebook

Requirement 1: send our info to all Whatsapp and Wechat

contatacts and groups

Requirement 2: creat FB page, get 20 followers for these 3 sites

Target of work: we want visitors to visit our sites

so u must write all the time: click directly here to view + our site

Site 1 to market:


wordings: Is this your admission letter to study in China?

Click directly on Whatsapp, or FB, to view now:


it is important to say: Is this your admission letter to study in China?

if you only say:we can apply for you, like a adversitement, no one will be interested

Other contents u can find it yourself on that site

if anybody ask questions, you can just ask them to contact us

our contact info is on our site

The key points that we want to market, for this site:

You can use all pictures here, to ask if these are letter belong to students


Free application form and docs list for students:


free visa application consultant services:


can apply medical/mbbs scholarship, which is hard, but we can do


Site 2 to market:

click below picture

Target people:

Thoese who are business people(not end user)

Who want to import from China Taobao to resell

We offer bargain service, and buying agent service

Key difference/points we want to market for this site

1, Bargain, get lower price than Taobao

nobody is doing that

2, We have translated Taobao and 1688 items into English

Site 3 to market:

click below picture

Target people:

people who want to set up cosmetics business

or already in cosmetics  business, but want to have their brand on

on products

Key difference/points we want to market for this site

Custom logo 1 pc ok, others may need mmimum 1000 pcs

Pay Back: we offer FREE application fee, to apply full scholarship and admission  for you to study in China.

How we check your work:

After you have done Whatsapp, u send screen shoot to us

After you have done Facebook and get 20 followers, send screen shoot to us

Pls: dont ask many questions, you can all find info on both sites

also: after you have done work, u need to view on our site, our documents requirement, then  you prepare docs, then send by eamil to us

we then begin your application

Very important: never post our mobile and whatsapp number on whatsapp or FB, since there are too many calls.  just post our 3 sites on, then tell them: find contact info on these 3 sites

we have tools to monitor the visitors of site:

so it is very importand you do as more as possible on Whatsapp and FB

and then send us screen shoot

The info on this website is for reference only, university/program/scholarship are to be confirmed per each applicant, before application.
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