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Beihang University

School Introduction

First of all, welcome to the web site of Beihang University (BUAA), Beijing, China. I am very glad to share with you the information about the university news, admissions data, course descriptions, research material, and so on.

As one of the top-ranked research university, BUAA has had more than 40 projects that were ranked first in China, since it was established in 1952. Nowadays, it has evolved into a multi-disciplined, research-oriented university of engineering science and technology with an emphasis on aeronautic and astronautic engineering, covering such diverse fields as science, technology, liberal arts, law, economics, management, philosophy, foreign languages and education. 

BUAA has actively and intensively developed its international academic exchange programs and cooperation. It has established cooperation with 152 universities and research institutions from 40 countries, including the Canada, UK, France, Germany, Russia, the USA, and 122 scholars of international renown have been invited as honorary or consultant professors to the university.

Every year, on average, about 1000 foreign experts and scholars come to BUAA to give lectures, to visit, and to take part in international conferences, and discussions for scientific cooperation; and every year over 600 professors or scholars in BUAA go abroad to give lectures, participate in academic conferences or conduct cooperative scientific research. 

In 2002, BUAA has drawn its developing plan. Now we are going ahead towards becoming an international well-known, high-level, research-oriented university.

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